Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm a die hard Top Chef fan and tonight's episode is RESTAURANT WARS!
It's always the BEST episode every season so I'm looking forward to it :)
It always baffle people when I tell them I'm into cooking (I'm specifically interested in molecular gastronomy) but I've had a fascination with food since I was a child.
Anyway I'm super psyched about the episode tonight so I'm blogging..I'll write about it after I watch it!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soda fizz, CO2, PKD2L1, carbonic anhydrase 4....

The above list of mumbo-jumbo looks like something that can only be defined to be random...BUT I'm here to enlighten you and tell you that it most definitely is NOT random.
So have you ever sipped a soda and felt like you "tasted the fizz?"
I have.
Have you ever wondered why?
If you's the answer:
In short here's the story.
So we're studying the senses in my neuroscience class and right now we're discussing the sense of taste. So I read a Nature paper back from 2006 about a receptor called PKD2L1 that detects sour tastes. Then today I read the link above and realized that the same PKD2L1 receptor that detects sourness also detects fizz. Apparently the fizz, composed of CO2, reacts with carbonic anhydrase 4 (an enzyme that coats the surface of PKD2L1) generating acidity which is then detected/tasted by the PKD2L1 and registered as a taste!
Cool huh?
I thought so.
Well I have a multivariable calc midterm next Monday and I have a stack of homework to finish so I'll round up this blog now.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I built the field for FIRST Tech Challenge yesterday
It took 7hours, an MIT alum, about 4-5 maybe more 3/4" PVC, a couple of bushings, a 45 degree 1/2" (which actually should be called a 135 degree 1/2", a bit of money, two trips to home depot, PVC glue, and some heavy machinary but the final product is PRICELESS.
I met Stu, the MIT alum on Saturday and he let me use the machine shop in his garage to build a portable, disassemblable working ball shoot with ramps and walls - VERY COOL!
I also had my MIT interview yesterday - eek? nahhh it was FUN.
Strange as that might sound my interviewer was pretty awesome and the conversation flowed through and out the inner crannies of our buzzing minds.
He even showed me his BRASS RAT! Can you say AWESOME?
Well I have a stats test to finish studying for so I'll leave my blog at that.