Monday, October 5, 2009


I built the field for FIRST Tech Challenge yesterday
It took 7hours, an MIT alum, about 4-5 maybe more 3/4" PVC, a couple of bushings, a 45 degree 1/2" (which actually should be called a 135 degree 1/2", a bit of money, two trips to home depot, PVC glue, and some heavy machinary but the final product is PRICELESS.
I met Stu, the MIT alum on Saturday and he let me use the machine shop in his garage to build a portable, disassemblable working ball shoot with ramps and walls - VERY COOL!
I also had my MIT interview yesterday - eek? nahhh it was FUN.
Strange as that might sound my interviewer was pretty awesome and the conversation flowed through and out the inner crannies of our buzzing minds.
He even showed me his BRASS RAT! Can you say AWESOME?
Well I have a stats test to finish studying for so I'll leave my blog at that.

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