Saturday, April 11, 2009

50.5 things

This is my third blog. I had one as a Freshman, another as a Sophmore and Junior, and now with Junior year coming to a close I'm beginning a new one as a soon-to-be Senior.
To begin let me give you a sense of who I am with a list of 50.5 things I can accomplish in under a minute each.

50.5 THINGS (I can do in a minute):
Note: #46 will explain why it is 50.5 and not 50
1. Log onto the MIT admissions website
2. Write a blog entry
3. Look at the scattergrams of 21 colleges on naviance
4. Come up with11 valid reasons NOT to do history reading.
5. Read an article on Scientific American
6. Eat one mini burger from Sammy’s
7. Type “I hate the SAT” 23 times with no mistakes
8. Come up with a brilliant dare for someone
9. Look at a cloud in the sky and tell you what animal it looks like
10. Tell you the 7 elemental diatomics – Professor HOFBrINCl
11. Read an analog clock
12. Put shoes on
13. Brush my hair
14. Do a minute of community service
15. Shout at my brother for playing guitar hero for 5 hours straight and driving my entire family crazy
16. Eat a chocolate bar
17. Go from Tutti Fruiti to Regent’s Pizza
18. Not blink
19. Hold my breath
20. Drink a bottle of water
21. Hold an ice cube
22. Run up the stairs in my house
23. Sign my name
24. Swipe my credit card in a credit card machine
25. Not talk
26. Not laugh
27. Keep my mouth open
28. Smile
29. Read in the car before I feel like throwing up
30. Open my laptop
31. Make myself cry
32. Chew gum
33. Memorize 15 SAT vocabulary words
34. Tell a joke
35. Make fun of Asians, women, Australians or all three at the same time (note: I am a female Asian with an Australian citizenship - I lived in Australia for 16 years of my life)
36. Come up with a one word description for everyone in my calculus class
37. Read someone else's weblog
38. Say sorry
39. Wash my hands
40. Sing the happy birthday song – badly might I add
41. Dislike someone – not a good trait, I’m working on fixing it
42. Get bored
43. Accidentally offend someone by telling them the truth – people have called me ruthlessly truthful since I was in 4th grade
44. Make a friend with a stranger
45. Make someone else smile or even better make someone else laugh
46. Whine about homework – actually this is only HALF true because I usually whine for more than a minute.
47. Make a paper snowflake
48. Send an email to my Australian friend listing how terrible America is – I don’t do this very often anymore
49. Make 6 words using the elements on the periodic table (TaN, SAuNa, KISS, ThINK, HOP, POP)
50. Swallow a pill
51. Since #46 only counts as half I’ll add another talent I possess that can be accomplished in under a minute - Play chopsticks on the piano


  1. You forgot "write self-depreciating a comment"

  2. Very funny Garrett. You are truly hilarious. lol