Friday, April 17, 2009

Summer + Dr. Koob + Neuropeptide Y = PERFECT!


The most unexpected miracle happened this past week!

Until this afternoon I had no concrete idea about what I was going to do this summer. I knew I wanted to do research in a lab and preferably research neuroscience but I didn't have a position.

I applied for two summer programs:

Both are great but they are programs so I was sure they would have strict guidelines, which would prevent me from being able to conduct my own research - a BIG DOWNER!

Well a few days ago my AP Bio teacher emailed Dr. Koob, I emailed him earlier this year asking him if he would provide me with an internship because he researches alcohol's effects on the brain and he has a team under him that studies eating behavior. And GUESS WHAT?

He immediately responded to my teacher and said he would love me to work with him and his team. In addition to that, it looks like I'll be getting a piece of that HUGE $800billion stimulus package because apparently the Fed govt. wants to fund high school students interested in research!! So it looks like I'll be getting a grant! (kind of?)

I AM SO EXCITED! I wonder if this is how you would feel if you got into the college of your dreams (ie MIT). Actually, on second thought getting into MIT would be MUCH MUCH BETTER! But this fantastic internship opportunity is high up there on the AWESOMENESS chart.

So it looks like I'll be spending the majority of my summer in a lab playing with mice and brains - EPICNESS!!

Affects of NPY antagonist (skinnier mouse recieved injections of the NPY antagonist)

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