Friday, April 24, 2009

Resting = Eating?

I just realized something - I force myself to eat when I don't feel like studying even though I'm not hungry. I think it's because I guilt trip myself into thinking that I shouldn't waste time just sitting down and watching tv so I say to myself .. "well if I eat that justifies my tv watching."


It just makes me feel sick (because of the food - you know that feeling you get when you overeat and you truly feel like the food is stacked all the way up your esophagus?) and still leaves me feeling guilty because I wasted an hour of study-time.
I think my brain has permanently just connected eating and resting together. Now I've just doomed myself to gain the freshman-15 when I go off to college - EXCELLENT.

Now back to CHEM STUDYING - orbitals, reaction mechanisms, colligative properties...YUM-O!

p.s. I can't believe I just posted TWICE in one day - I must really want to procrastinate today, which means I must really want to fail my chem final tomorrow. lol

sidenote: the girl I voted for student body president didn't win, the girl I voted for VP didn't win, and you guessed it, the guy I voted for treasurer didn't win - I TOLD YOU SO. ASB is totally a popularity contest. Also, I want to add that the guy who won the VP position totally exploited his embarrassing childhood to get the pity-votes! I don't know whether to call him clever or pathetic...perhaps pathetically clever? lol

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