Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So the day began gloomy and cold - I think the special guy up in heavens knew that I had the AP Psych entrance exam at 7:30am today. It was long and dreary much like the weather outside. The test was 100 multiple choice questions about absolutely NOTHING.
I thought psych would deal more with the functions of different parts of the brain and the effects of the functions on behavior, but apparently the psych class is more concerned about various areas in psychology and how each area approaches behavior. Not that, that isn't interesting because learning about Locke and Hobbes and Descartes is awesome. It's just not what I was expecting.

Now having said that, I will rephrase my opinion of the test - the test was 100 multiple choice questions about interesting facts that I'd rather learn by reading a book than by sitting in an AP class.
But I digress, let's go back to the weather. So approximately 10 minutes after I leave the testing room the sun begins to show its head. EXCITING-NESS! SUMMER IS FINALLY APPROACHING. But no! A couple minutes later the icy wind returns leaving me to walk to my english class shivering in the gloom.
The weather was like that the whole day - sun. gloom. sun, gloom, sun, gloom, sun gloom sun gloom sungloomsungloomsungloom...until the sun merged into the gloom and the gloom melted into the sun and the sun and the gloom created this new type of weather called SULOOM.
The last week or so has been suloomy. I think it's because the weather, like many juniors at this point, doesn't know whether to feel happy because the year is nearly OVER or sad because the APs are in less than a month.
I hope April passes soon and May comes and goes in less than a second because I can't wait to finish junior year and get started on my college apps! (this is what you call sarcasm if you didn't already realize)

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