Monday, April 13, 2009

Homework Rant

The big, bad APs are coming. With that in mind, my stress levels are reaching their peaks. Not only that but my teachers are beginning to pile on the homework and test load. Just this week, the week after EASTER might I add, I have a AP psych test, nuclear and O chem test and a Great Gatsby essay (as well as all the usual homework mumbo-jumbo). Where is the holiday spirit? There is none.

Next week isn't better, I have a digestion, circulation, virus and immune system MEGA bio test, WWII and post-WWII history test and my chemistry final! In addition to those killers I'll probably attain my handy-dandy calc packet. PERFECT.

Oh wait, and before you think, "that isn't too bad..." remember that I have the big, bad APs starting on May 6th, which I haven't even started reviewing for.

Due to this school work overload my parents won't let me participate in the student plays that I've been looking forward to. If I were to tech the shows I would not get home until 10pm every night starting April 21 and ending May 1. Thank God I made time for the musical last quarter.

In my opinion I think the teachers need to take into account our life OUTSIDE academia and stop giving us a whole lot of busy work but hey that's just my opinion.
Enough with the rant and back to the US History reading that I'm pretending to do.


  1. I think that the teachers are trying to instill in us the skill of time management. All the homework is doable, it just takes some effective time use. I've found that a plan can see my homework done in less than two hours, and that's on busy nights. I assume that the seeming lack of communication in terms of homework between teachers is another part of college prep, there is definitely no correlation between class lodes in college. I find time for the world outside academia, in any case. Perhps it's my positive attitude, or my drive when it comes to deadlines and being dangerously close to them.

  2. I partially agree with you Garrett. Yes it is true that we can finish our homework in 2hrs with good time management but if the teachers just didn't give us busy work (and when I say busy work I mean giving us a lab to read and then asking us to copy the lab background and procedure word for word on another piece of paper) we could finish our homework in 1hr and have an extra hr for the exhilirating outside world. Am I right? or am I right? LOL :)
    Thanks for commenting btw. Interesting to read other people's opinions.