Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last AP Chem Test

Had the last AP Chem test today on o chem and nuclear chem. I definitely think I aced the test. I knew all the material and the multiple choice questions were a piece of cake. The final is next Saturday. I can't believe we've covered all the material.

Best class EVER! I love everyone in that class. We're all scholars and the discussions we have are just awesome. I'm going to miss Mr. Lineback's ridiculous analogies LOL I remember when he made a connection between bonds and and everyone was like "are you talking from personal experience?" LOL!

I hope we finish the year off with a BANG - literally. I think some of my classmates and I are going to try and build a hydrogen peroxide mini bomb after the APs are done.

Looking forward to AP Physics next year. Kind of annoyed about the fact that our school doesn't offer Physics C though. Physics B only contains a limited amount of calculus and only touches on a myriad of topics - there's NO DEPTH!

Well this was a pointless blog celebrating my last chem test - WOOHOO!!

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  1. There's NO DEPTH because depth is for college. It's the same reason all high school classes teach a more generalized version of advanced subjects, the point is to help us figure out what we might want to pursue in college. Even AP's are still high school courses, they're just at a college speed, presumably.